EP139: That Was Close

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Hello again Nightmare Society. Just a few updates. I’ve noticed, and forgotten that my current distribution membership plan allows for 100 episodes, we are currently at 139 so I went back through and noticed the first 39ish episodes are no longer available, at least on some platforms. We do still have them up on Youtube, so if you’re looking for an earlier episode, check there. Also, I’ve begun releasing compilation episodes on Youtube, starting from Episode one, I think I’m up into the high 20s now. Each of these compilations consists of 3-5 episodes and usually run about an hour long. 


For those of you who are Patreon Members, I’m releasing the podcast/audiofeed/mp3 whatever it is, on there as well so you should find it in your personal feed.


Speaking of Patreon, I’d like to thank our newest member, Rebecca B. for joining the online campfire. Welcome Rebecca, we’re glad to have you.


Lets also thank tonight’s contributors: u/Dearxabi, u/SafespotVIII, u/kigyu, u/alternnate, u/thezenithofzero


If you enjoy the podcast, make sure to share us with your friends, on your social media, leave us a good review, whatever you feel is appropriate.


Now, get comfy and prepare yourself for another episode of the Nightmare Society.

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