EP135: Bizarre

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IG: @nightmaresocietyradio

Hello again Nightmare Society, gather ‘round for another episode of true horror stories. This week are stories of high strangeness, bizarre experiences with bizarre beings. Yay!

A big welcome to our newest member of the online campfire: Nicole E. And Snippytude91 - thanks so much for your support and thanks for being a faithful listener. We’re glad to have you.

At patreon.com/NightmareSociety you can join in for as little as a dollar per month, we have different levels of membership and different perks for each so if your’e interested be sure to check it out.

Also a big thanks to our contributors: u/PerpetualConnection, anonymous, BunsofthePatriots, and u/bluegrass_m

- who were nice enough to share their stories with us tonight.

Now, get comfy and prepare yourself for another episode of the Nightmare Society.

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